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From your very first tour of the club, your health and well-being become our goal as well as yours. Our experienced membership team will help guide you through the joining process, ensuring that you get the best membership to suit your personal needs. With a fantastic selection of fitness and relaxation asperger's disease characteristics facilities specifically designed to cater for the most experienced exerciser down to the complete beginner, you will find that being a member of Jealous has never felt so good.

Why join Jealous?

All facilities are not created equal, it is the quality of service and expertise that distinguishes Jealous from the rest. Each of our members are guided through a series of Personal Exercise Sessions specifically designed to understand your health and fitness requirements. Over a period of your first two months our Fitness Advisers are able to give you that extra motivation and guidance that you may be lacking with a view to achieving your personal goals! A Personal Program can be created that is based on your specific needs.

Two Fully Equipped Gymnasiums

Our Gymnasiums are designed to accommodate everyone from the complete beginner to the advanced exerciser. Our highly qualified fitness advisors are always at hand to give you that extra motivation and guidance that you may be lacking. Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle and helps to improve your fitness levels.